Raspberry Pi Tablet

To develop a 3D printable, Raspberry Pi based tablet.

Project Page: https://github.com/InnovateAsterisk/Raspberry-Pi-Tablet

Project Goals

All parts (components) must be easy to obtain and readily available. It must have a battery, and it must be the primary source of power (meaning, it will charge up with a cable plugged in, but must have enough power to run without it.) It must be able to operate perfectly fine without a keyboard (meaning, everything in the user interface should work without an issue even if you don’t have a keyboard and mouse plugged in.)


  • SBC : Raspberry Pi version 4B+
  • Display : 7 inch LCD Display (with touch)
  • Power Supply : PiJuice UPS (with 5000 mAmp battery)
  • Camera : Official Raspberry Pi 1080p Camera (front-facing)
  • Sound & Speakers: Waveshare Audio HAT – powers 2 speakers, and 2 microphones, and provides an audio jack for headphones.
  • Accelerometer: MPU-6050 Gyro/Accelerometer – to orientate the screen. (with python)
  • Cooling: Fan connected to a Mosfet fan-speed controller (speed is controlled in python)
  • USB: Breakout USB
  • Buttons:
    • Power Button
    • Volume Up/Down rocker
  • LEDs
    • Charge
    • Power and activity LED light is redirected (using nylon) to the case.
  • Backplate: Bamboo wood back, with laser etched decal